And I dont have any sand on me. *fist pump* Know why? I just sat on the towel the whole time xDD I read a manga and I converted some flips for my friend (She was aquatics on here), because she needs them. ewe

Im so boreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed... eAe

My main account on RES is off mod.. :3 Thats good. Now I dont have to use negaren or mai-mew. ^o^

I dont know what to write. ._. I didnt do a whole lot today, sooo...

Kay. Nine hours ago I lost that orgae fellow. Yknow, the orange egg? Well, it was a Duskghoul. I logged into PokeFarm this morning. Two PMs. Alright. I like PMs. :3 I check them, "new friend request" and "Pokemon left" are whats there. She left. The Duskghould left. THREE. FREAKING. MINUTES. BEFORE. I. LOGGED. ON. D: So! All you PokeFarm users out there, help me? .-. I have yet to see another Duskghoul egg or Duskghoul in the shelter. So if any of you happen to be there and find her, Id appreciate getting her back xD

Oh yes, and guess what? Mod again. -.-"

Oh my God.. Queen eh is dead. Just.. Oh my God.. Her sister just came on RES and told us. Theyre burying her next week with notes and things she loved. She suffered from depression and killed herself. I dont know what to say to this..

 Welp, I have more eggs to be clicked. 030 In the sidebar, as usual.



Look at what I get at random times from dA. -.-" I dont know the website. Any other dA users finding this..? Its really annoying.

Gah, now I have a headache. >A< STAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHP ITTTTT HEAD!

This seems really, really short tonight. ._. But I gotta go to bed, so looks like this is it for today. 030 Oh well. *rides away on a flying unicorn, and waves goodbye*